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Nabil makes the process of getting an honest appraisal simple.

When trusting Nabil to appraise your home, you can be assured that all relevant aspects of property appraisal have been considered, including size, age, functionality, extra features such as a swimming pool and air conditioning, location, environmental conditions, layout, and supply and demand.

Nabil’s process is thorough, every time, while making it simple for you. To gain a true appraisal of your property, there are simply three steps.


Expect a follow up from Nabil (within 24 hours) to organise a day and time that best suits to visit your property. Or conduct a virtual inspection.


Meet with Nabil either in person or over the phone. He will provide you with a list of recent sales and a property report with a suggested price guide.


Decide how to proceed with the next move in selling your property, or simply be kept up to date with news and announcements from Nabil and the QLand team. 

We believe, everyone deserves a chance to have a home of their own.

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In this day and age everyone has access to the same information & listings. Distribution is no longer a major value component that a real estate professional brings to the table. Without a doubt the most valuable thing in today’s real estate environment is proper counsel and representation.

We are painstaking in our attention to detail when it comes to valuation, negotiation, and the marketing process.

It is very easy to overpay or overlook details that seem insignificant but actually can dramatically affect the value of your property in the long run. It’s also easy to miss opportunities to maximize the value of your home on a sale without the right marketing and pricing strategy. If you are a buyer we are going to help you understand the fair value of the home and will never be afraid to tell you to walk away if we can’t get the price right. If you are a seller we are going to assist in being as analytical as possible to justify the highest value for your home. We have a proprietary marketing process with proven results to position your property ahead of the competitors in the marketplace. Our philosophy is simple: we believe our primary responsibility is educating our clients by providing the advice and representation we’d provide our own family. 

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